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Monday, 11 June 2012

Download Lagu Christian Bautista

Silahkan pilih lagu yang Anda inginkan, dan download sesuka Anda.
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1. Christian Bautista
Warner Music Philippines (2004)

1.   The Way You Look at Me
2.   Colour Everywhere
3.   Kailan Pa Ma’y Ikaw
4.   Away From You 
5.   Kelan Kaya
6.   Hands to Heaven
7.   Ang Tangi Kong Kasama
8.   Miracle
9.   The Way You Look at Me (Acoustic Version)
10.  I Don’t Want to See You Cry Again

Limited Edition Includes :

1.   You and Me (We Wanted It All) [feat. Rachelle Ann Go]
2.   So It’s You
3.   Say That You Love Me
4.   I Will Be What I Believe

2. Completely
Warner Record Philippines (2005)

1.   Everything You Do
2.   I Can Love You Easy
3.   My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own
4.   Invincible
5.   She Could Be
6.   Now That You Are Here
7.   After You
8.   Please Don’t Go
9.   Since I Found You
10.  Completely
11.  For Everything I Am
12.  Nais Ko

3. Just a Love Song… Christian Bautista Live!
Warner Music Philippines/Indonesia (2006)

1.   Trying to Get the Feeling Again
2.   More Than You’ll Ever Know
3.   Only Reminds Me of You
4.   Beautiful In My Eyes
5.   Make It With You
6.   Got to Believe in Magic
7.   Fixing a Broken Heart
8.   I Could Not Ask for More
9.   Of All Things
10.  Nothing Can Stop Us Now
11.  Be My Number Two
12.  Finding Out the Hard Way
13.  Blue Eyes Blue
14.  Cry For Help
15.  Heaven Help
16.  I Won’t Hold You Back
17.  If Ever You’re in My Arms Again
18.  You
19.  Just a Love Song

4. Captured
Warner Music Philippines (2008)

1.   The One Who Won My Heart
2.   Creation
3.   Take A Ride
4.   I Believe
5.   Hope
6.   Limutin Na Lang
7.   Just This Time
8.   Nakalimutan Kong Sabihin
9.   Forever In Your Eyes
10.  Could Have Been the One
11.  Captured [feat. Sitti]
12.  I Want to Be the One

5. Romance Revisited : The Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan
Universal Records Philippines (2009)

1.   Tell Me Your Name
2.   I Remember The Girl
3.   Afraid For Love To Fade
4.   I Have Fallen In Love (With The Same Woman Three Times)
5.   Please Be Careful With My Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)
6.   My Girl My Woman My Friend (feat. Regine Velasquez)
7.   Beautiful Girl
8.   Can’t We Start Over Again
9.   Be Gentle
10.  Stay My Love
11.  Afterglow
12.  A Love To Last A Lifetime
13.  Here And Now (feat. Lani Misalucha)
14.  Constant Change
15.  Deep In My Heart
16.  Refrain
17.  Can We Just Stop And Talk A While
18.  So I’ll Go
19.  A Heart’s Journey (feat. Jose Mari Chan)

6. A Wonderful Christmas
Universal Records Philippines (2010)

1.   Little Drummer Boy
2.   Silver Bells
3.   Angels We Have Heard On High
4.   Christmas Song
5.   Come All Ye Faithful
6.   Christmas Alphabet
7.   Last Christmas
8.   All I Want For Christmas
9.   Christmas Shoes
10.  Amazing Grace
11.  It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
12.  What A Wonderful World
13.  Nakaraang Pasko
14.  Christmas Time
15.  The Gift of Christmas with Liza Chan-Parpan

7. Christian Bautista Outbound
Universal Records Philippines (2011)

1.   All That’s Left
2.   Unphotographable
3.   Faith
4.   I’m Already King
5.   What Can I do
6.   Never Far Away
7.   Wrong Number
8.   Sakura

8. Christian Bautista First Class
Universal Records Philippines (2012)

1.   Beautiful To Me
2.   In Love With You [ feat Angeline Quinto ]
3.   Love You This Much
4.   We Could Be In Love [ feat Kc Concepcion ]
5.   Let Go
6.   Rescue You [ feat Sam Concepcion ]
7.   Whole
8.   I’m Already King
9.   In My Arms [ feat Baby M ]
10.  Sasabihin with Neocolours
11.  What Can I Do
12.  Faith
13.  Unphotographable
14.  All That’s Left
15.  Love Moves In Mysterious Ways
16.  Hands To Heaven (New Fersion) [ feat Zia Quizon ]
17.  The Way You Look At Me (New Fersion) 


  1. thank's ya berkat anda saya bisa dapat men-download Lagu2 Christian Bautista yang juga artis Idola saya......

    1. Ok! sama-sama bro, sering mampir kesini ya! salam Christian Friends (Fan Christian Bautista) !! :)

    2. thanks bro :D salam juga sesama Indo CF :D

  2. Kok lagu since i found you nggk bs d download ya??

    1. Sudah bisa bro! Silahkan dicoba lagi, sudah ane perbaiki.. Terima kasih komennya.. :)